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How to Sell

Westport Auction will consider any estate item or collection for our monthly sales.  Upon review of the item(s) we will be able to determine a auction value and commission fee; there are no hidden fees when consigning with Westport Auction.  All values are discussed and approved between the consignor and Westport Auction before signing of our contract.  We pay the consignor 45 business days after the auction; this time period allows our buyers to complete the payment and shipping process.

“What’s it Wednesday”

The day for clients to bring an item or two into our gallery for an auction evaluation with our appraiser.

One Wednesday each month between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm by appointment

Please see below for a step by step explanation of our consignment process, commission rate, and frequently asked questions.

  • Submit photos for consideration here  include any details you may have, reserves you would like placed, and any time constraints you are operating under.
  • Our appraisers will review the item(s) and follow up with which items would do well at auction.
  •  The consignment contract will be sent to fill out along with the address the item(s) can be delivered to
  • For large or high value local consignments, it may be possible for us to pick up the items. This would be a flat fee taken out of the auction proceeds to be determined by the appraiser. Please indicate in your response if that is an option you are seeking.
  • Once the items are in our possession, we will begin the process of professionally photographing and cataloging them. Please be aware we are currently experiencing a high level of consignments and it may be up to two months before they are placed in a sale.
  • Once the items are placed in a sale you will receive an email from us with the full listing and the sale date. At this point if you have any additional comments, provenance, or concerns about the listing please respond to the email with them.
  • Following the sale you will receive a settlement report with a list of the items, their sold price, and any items that may not have sold. For items that did not sell, we will indicate whether we could rerun them in a following sale for a reduced start price.

On location Estate Auction

We can sell these items right out of your home. In this case, our team would come out to professionally photograph and catalog the items in your home. After the sale ends, we will have a two-day pickup window where we would send in another team to facilitate the items getting picked up by the buyers


Online auctions  allow you to:

  • Attract a wider pool of motivated bidders
  • Generate higher selling prices due to increased competition
  • Add excitement and interest to your traditional live auctions

Live westport auctions are streamed from our robust infrastructure located in various regions around the world. Large LCD screens and monitors can be used on location to relay and monitor all onsite and online bids. Your auctioneer will conduct the auction as usual – while receiving support from Webtron as required.

We believe that delays must be kept to an absolute minimum – which is why we’ve spent so many years testing and refining our infrastructure and webcast technologies.

Our streaming platform is one of the fastest on the market. With a good working internet speed, any delay that might occur (if any) lasts no more than a third of a second. And that’s quick. In fact, it feels almost instantaneous. This means your online bidders are in no way disadvantaged when competing with onsite bidders.

Bidders register on your website via the online auction portal. After they’ve registered, you receive a bidder request which you can either approve or reject.

Your bidders login from the auction portal on your website online auction page.

After bidders have been approved to bid at your online auction, they need to login via your website online auction page. Then once the auction starts, they can make bids based on the auctioneer’s direction by simply clicking the ‘Bid’ button.

Online bidders will be able to view all onsite and online bids in real time on the bidder dashboard.