How To Bid


Bid Live At Our Gallery

Westport Auction is opened to the public 
We invite everyone to join us the day of the sale. It is required to obtain a bid card for bidding, however not required to view the sale.
To obtain a bid card Westport Auction requires a valid driver license or photo identification.

Online Bidding

The easiest and most convenient way to place bids is through our online bidding platform. Register Here or download the app version at iTunes, or Google play. By using our bidding platform, you can participate in the sale live where ever you may be. Bidders are welcomed to leave absentee bids prior to the sale, as well as bid live during the sale. Please contact the office if you have any issues during the registration process or bidding during the sale.
You can also place bids and participate live with Live Auctioneers and Invalauble.
It is required to fill out our Online Bidder Verification Form prior to bidding approval on Live Auctioneers and Invaluable.  It is encourage to complete these forms 24 hours prior to auction start time to avoid any delay in bidding. 

Bid Live By Phone

Westport Auction accepts phone bid requests up till 5 pm on the day prior to the sale. We do try to accommodate requests the day of the sale, however we cannot guarantee bids will be accepted. Please request a phone line as early as possible. Once the bids are entered into our system the bidder will receive an email confirmation. On auction day, a Westport Auction representative will call you prior to the start of the sale to establish a connection and answer any questions.  The same representative will then call a few minutes before your lot comes up for sale. When the auctioneer starts the bidding for your lot, your representative will relay the opening bid price, tell you what you need to bid if there is competition and relay your bids to the auctioneer. We do ask that all phone bids submitted open at a minimum of $100.00 and that you answer the phone for all bids confirmed with Westport Auction.
Fill out our Phone Bid Form here prior to the auction.

Bid By Absentee (Left Bids)

An absentee bid is when you tell the auction house how much you are willing to bid on any lot and the Auctioneer executes the bids for you. He will start at the advertised start price and bid on your behalf against all competing bids, up to the maximum amount you have designated.

Westport Auction accepts absentee bids online, over the phone or by fax throughout the entire sale from qualified bidders. However, to guarantee your bids Westport Auction advises to submit all bids by 11am the day of the sale.
Fill out our Absentee Bid Form here prior to the auction.